cannot believe im still awake

my hair is ridiculous good lord

ive started spending more and more time playing Civ V than anything else

so if you want to add me on steam go for it

threw together a new one….i can’t stand the blue! if anyone needs help fixing their’s, let me know, its like a two second code fix.

the dashboard theme i was using broke…and it was a custom one i made

i figured out the fix too late, after i had deleted it

now i can’t decide on a new one. frick

me yesterday night : lol who needs sleep
me today: i do. i need sleep.
me tonight: lol who needs sleep

so its been one week since I’ve moved into my new place and hell yeah alright alright yeah 

its fucking amazing here

my roommate is super chill and a total wow playing weeb

aaaand today she asked me if i wanted a macbook pro since she had an extra laying around

so she’s letting me make payments on it

i think it hurt her soul to watch me use my dinosaur, who has to have a desktop keyboard plugged in to work and doesn’t even go into sleep mode when you shut it anymore

but yeah i’ve been enjoying the hell that is like no hours at work (just finally today i actually got to work past lunch)

and lots of anime since i has the crunchyroll


So i got a new record player and instead of throwing it out I’m giving it away

What you get
My Old record player.. obviously
you’ll also get some vynals that i’ve acquired 2 copy’s of over the years
The records are:
The weight that you buried- Knuckle Puck
We don’t have each other- Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
Home, like no place is there- The Hotelier
American Football 2 disk reissue- American Football
Sports- Modern Baseball
You’re gonna miss it all- Modern Baseball
Youth- Citizen
Letters home- Defeater
Take this to your grave- Fall Out Boy
Forgettable (signed by the band)- Sorority Noise
Dulce- Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart- 
Heart to Heart
The Greatest Generation- The Wonder Years
The Upsides- The Wonder Years
Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing- The Wonder Years

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[listens to music] hey that was a fic title



you (nearly) sunk my battleship.

there are actual tear in my eyes


when someone tries to be nice and accidently does something really wrong but you dont want to hurt their feelings








I have fruit polos and lollypops be jealous.

omg do many people not know what fruit polos are? they are heaven




In America, we call them lifesavers. They can be chewy or hard candy. 

polos aren’t chewy and they also come in mint.



this week on: britan thinks its special


Frank Iero